The Glory of Man is Not in Vogue

by Mudville

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released May 1, 2005

Produced by Benny Cha Cha

Recorded by Benny Cha Cha in the Throne Room and the Hole, Brooklyn, NY.
Additional recording at Chez Shaw, Brooklyn, NY and MNO Studios, Oakland, CA

Mixed by Ken J. Friesen, Benny Cha Cha and Marilyn Carino at Marni’s Diner, Almonte, ON, Canada
Mastered by Mike Fossenkemper at TurtleTone Studios, New York, NY

Cover painting by Jessica DuLong * CD layout and design by Marilyn Carino
Photography by Robert Person and Jennifer McCabe

Mudville is: Marilyn Carino – vocals * Benny Cha Cha – all sounds except where noted
All lyrics by Marilyn Carino. All music by Marilyn Carino and Benny Cha Cha
All songs published by SheMan Music (SESAC)/House of Cha Cha (SESAC)
Mudville logo font is channel tuning, thanks to Jeff Levine @

Thanks and praise: dred, nate, spanky john b, chuck, mno, campy, moose, anna, avi, diego, ken, marni, jessi & mike friesen, mike f., mike sim, chris brown, tim luntzel, michael p. brennan, jen & rob, jessica, michelle casillas, peter harris, sean anderson & brian machon for the glam stylee, delia espinosa, mom & dad, tim & erica @ atoz, fiona bloom, perry serpa & stefanie shapira @ goodcop pr, jay zaretsky, percy carey, nomad & azar @ day by day, seamus holman, david kokakis, japser coolidge & all @ pianos nyc, the lovelies @ bar sepia, brooklyn and the soka gakkai family
extra special thanks to james campilongo and jessica dulong
marilyn thanks ben with much love and appreciation


all rights reserved



Mudville New York

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Track Name: The Hero of the World
You want it bad, a Superman
To take up the task at hand and bleed for you

You smoking gun, you riot of one
Put down the muscle and come up a fighter

Lions rage
They rattle their cage like they do

Like the fools parading they’re waiting in vain
For superman, for superman, for superman for superman

The killers they come but you ride on
Not looking back
But clouds of woe ride your head
From smoking their jive

Open wide
Go packing a sidearm of truth

Cause the birds of the air ain’t seen hide nor hair
Of superman, of superman, of superman of superman

It ain’t a crime to be hated
Or in the clouds of mourning

Broken babies see their diamonds
In your pocket there
In the pure land
When you go to hell
They will shine as well

You are superman, you are superman, you are superman, you are superman
Track Name: Blown
The walls have got me soaked up into their scheme
In the back burning black I’m locked in
In a melt, talking to myself, no one knows what I’m seeing
A mad gush at a high rate of speed

In my mind’s night crawls some secret enemy
A hexed up animal stalking my sleep
Ghost of your sighs shining out my eyes like steam
Blood pushes skin, I’m a machine

I’m a go go gone
Its some atomic energy

Blown like smoke into you

On your isle dear misery hold me
Can I linger in this hard-wired head?
Come on lake of fire, wanna pain me out
But I’m a holy river made of buck-shot sweat

Heat of the moon come burn with your laughing eye
(I had to take the hit, so I can’t say shit)
Every dime you don’t drop wanna make me lonely
But I got a friend when I need a little shake

I’m a go go gone
Mis-fired, hot-wired till I’m
In another country where people work the land

I’m blown like smoke into you
Shiny piece of pie I want to take a bite of
Let me eat you like a poor man’s bread
Throw me a bone, god I need a little light up
Drag on you like a fine Cohiba
Track Name: Stoned
From my eye in the sky I see everything

Lay them down on the new world

I see wind and water pound to powder everyone’s skin

While roofs are raised to hail the traitors
Who long to see their real names
In words of love from a total stranger

While I in my armor shake at the window and watch the skies

Cadillac is slinky slow
A fulsome ride to where we may go
Or chariot to ride me home
Whiskey water flowing stoned

Close to me as you can be is nowhere at all

Buried long as you want it to the stuff of your hell will rise
(a gash in the doorway lights a slow ruin behind your eyes)

cash cows walk generals
marking their walls so dutifully
they shoot as they pray for people there

its an order to open a can of your wishes
breathe in your blues

a bird lives like a bird, a seed like a tree
and I am a hammer, I reek of steel

Cadillac is slinky slow
A fulsome ride to where we may go
Or chariot to ride me home
Whiskey water flowing stoned
Track Name: Perfect
You're so bad, I couldn't be in your two-ton world by chance divine
The more I cut through the pose that holds me
I see your red realm is my room design

A modern mind says its strange voodun
but its science why we do this time

How much more of a roarer could this be
See your sin in my trouble in mind
My cool doubt you pour like whiskey
I open wide

Draw my bow when I face the sun
you hold it taut till the war is won
and shoot your devil with my gun

When your line turns to bitter sooth on me
you know its just my damn unstuck sister holding court
please yourself, say your bag's the worst of me
but look in your punk heart, the one that's so punk smart
the killer in that trunk is loaded with history

The peace we find is a fistful of candy
Turned by regret to a Daedalus brown
I say to say we're the worse for this mystery's a
Store-bought fix we wear like a crown

I am who we are
and it burns me like a star
we are perfect - reflection of the moon
perfect - clear as diamonds in a mirror of sun
Track Name: Othello
Terra Nova, know this dump like any other
Your heavy eyes gonna trap you like a sleeping sucker
Hot words, a cold mind, a singer on the sea
Copped the words you’re trying not to speak, got you so sick about it

Big-fisted daddy, giant of the team
So loose of soul, you sweat the devil in his underworld
Guess its not to be, your world of peace and order
Cause you can never see your red-hot body sucking mortar

In every lie and corner of an eye there’s something to forgive
And bones for sale, bones for sale

By happy accident a woman of the world gave you what for
Or took a brush to your predicted ruin, you decide
In a moment when the longed-for became real
Would you let her be the star, she’ll make you shine like music in sweet air

a strange and awesome seer said your pride will bring you down

but wherever you lie or turn your eye there’s someone to forgive
and bones for sale, bones for sale

are you poor black trash or the dirty white kind?
Track Name: Poets on Parade
Open up your eyes, the guardians have left our country
Gentlemen are soft and stony elegance makes light of purity

On balance it’s a mystery, obscurity has got you down
Chase the flying bat-rat ponies, race the blown-up bean counter wannabe
Pinups in a finkish world
The poets whine, the poets twirl their metaphors for old cat nosehair
Someone soon will want to buy it

And all the while their numbers grow like credit cards

Who wants to be the griot, town crier, Grand Vezir
And give your life of snow-white fingers and lazy arms
When no one’s listening to you

You want to move me, you want to move me
Oh, speak to me of curly clover, green winds of your childhood
Sinful dazed, holy and mortified, blacked-out smiling
Bunkered and cup-froze, snore-in-your-breadline POV
Till they can’t help but see ya (wouldn’t wanna be ya)
You call them on the way they go and take it on
What fools these mortals be

My tongue is tired and silence is suspect

The muse you use is drowning by the minute
The muse you cruise could pass you when you’re in it
Like .04 I’m past the legal limit
I ain’t 22 and I don’t got a gimmick

Say, what you gonna leave?
And those who know will grow to write for
“Someday This Will All Be Over” magazine
Track Name: Pray
We roam the land with fur-covered bones and faith this high, damn us
I pray there’s a glow before we know our work is done, damn us
I pray you are my fighter

Take us on a racing ride or I will lose my mind
Can a pose, a goal you don’t know the meaning of damn us?

I pray pray pray….

Strangers to the sun
Pale men walking out

Do I stand to fall for a red, red while
Drunk upon my time?
Shall I gamble on the ghost to raise me from my grave?

Strangers to the sun
Fair men walking out
Track Name: Surfer Girls
Party over at midnight, sleep until two
A finger in the side, damning the rude outside
(tearing your peach-fried mind that’s bottom-of-the-sea born)
and loving it

Hey bone down, there ain’t no halfway 3-D ground
You turn on your own arm to get the chaos and deals in motion

And to best this is rote to end on a C note
Willie-boy checks his gun – go pistolero
and turns to watch the surfer girls

Bag that blue hyaline
Good sailing once you pay for your seas in gloaming
She, skin train below the wreck of pleasant rain
and clocks made of seed that falls to your feet like motel ice

Dusk keeps the torque
and I’ll sing so long as dreams speak of the flood (I see you in most of them)
but not the ruining shifts of sand

Here are the rules of life:
A tank to borrow, a cup to save
In the wake and in the blood
the bleach-black sea rolls over the diamond backs of surfer girls
Track Name: Sunshine is on Me
Sunshine is on me
Love stung blue sun burns the day

I will wait
I will pay
For your sunshine

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